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Electronic services for patients and other clients

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In questions related to treatment and appointments, the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District will contact you  by letter, telephone and / or text message reminder.  Text message reminders help to streamline treatment and speed up the flow of information to the patient. If you prefer, you can choose to refuse the text message reminders. More information in connection with the presentation of the services.  



In the electronic appointment service you can check your own appointments.  

If your appointment letter notes that your appointment is part of the trial of electronic appointments, you can also change the time and date or cancel your appointment.

To access the electronic appointment service , you need strong identification, for example with a mobile certificate or with online banking codes.

Guardians may make and change appointments for children under 15 years of age. More information on acting on behalf of another person on the website.


Omavointi service

Omavointi is part of client-oriented activities of the Oulu University Hospital. As a patient, you can give information on your health, abilities and quality of life through the Omavointi service.  On Omavointi service you can fill in the necessary medical history forms before coming in to the hospital or for a procedure.

You will be sent a text if there is a questionnaire for you to answer in the Omavointi service. To register in the service you will need strong identification for example with online banking codes.

With the help of Omavointi service, health professionals  can quickly get an overview of your condition before you come in for treatment, as well as on recovery after treatment, on your general well-being and on an eventual need for additional treatment. The questionnaires have been prepared together with healthcare professionals and they measure issues relevant to your care.


The Omapolku service path and digital care paths

Omapolku in the Health Village web service is a digital service path for specialised heal th care where the services will complement traditional specialised health care. Omapolku is an information security protected online service and you log in electronically using your online banking ID or mobile certificate.

On the Omapolku service channel you can find

  • digital treatment paths which are service  packages designed for specific groups of patients and are inextricably linked to the patient's specialist care. T The digital care pathway requires a doctor's referral or treatment relationship in specialist medical care.
  • self care applications that provide the citizens information and exercises to improve their health. They are free of charge and anyone can use them without a referral. The information stored in the self care application is only visible to the clients themselves.

    On the digital care pathways you can
  • fill in questionnaires related to treatment electronically.
  • familiarise yourself with patient instructions. The instructions may be text, images or videos.
  • introduce tools to monitor symptoms and health numbers.
  • contact the unit where you are treated by messages and on remote appointments.

    You an find more information on the Omapolku service and the digital car​e pathways on the website

    When a digital care pathway is opened for you, you will be notified in an appointment letter or with the text message below:
    As part of your treatment in the Oulu University Hospital, a digital care pathway has been opened for you. You can enable the service at
    Best regards, Oulu University Hospital

    More information of the Oulu University Hospital electronic services at:

    The digital treatment pathways used at the Oulu University Hospital:
    • OYS digital care pathw​ay for patients with insulin deficiency diabetes
    • OYS digital care pathway for patients with coronary artery disease
    • OYS digital care pathway for patients with spinal cord injury
    • OYS digital care pathway in the neuromodulation unit
    • OYS digital care pathway for rheumatoid arthritis
    • OYS digital care pathway for patients with acne
    • OYS digital care pathway for sleep apnea
    • OYS digital care pathway for patients with prostate cancer​
    • OYS digital care pathway for epilepsy in children and adolescents
    • OYS digital care pathway for patients receiving cancer treatment

      Log in to Health Village Omapolku service ​through the Terveyskylä.fi website

Request for patient documents

Through the electronic service  you can request your own information registered in the PPSHP patient registry. Submitting a patient document request electronically requires strong authentication with, for example, a mobile certificate or online banking codes. On the electronic service, it is not possible to submit a patient document request on behalf of another person. Patient records are delivered by mail.

 Electronic services