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Feedback and development ideas

Feedback on treatment and our services

Your feedback on your care and examination visits will help us improve the care and services in our hospitals.

Please note the following when submitting feedback

  • If you want us to contact you, please include your contact details on the feedback form.
  • For information security reasons, feedback should not include personal ID codes or confidential information about your / another person's illness or treatment.

Through our customer feedback system, we will not answer:

  • questions / inquiries related to patient care;
    • in these matters you can call the unit where you are treated
  • requests for cancellation or modification of appointments for tests or treatment, or applications for compensation;
    • in these matters you can call the unit where you are treated
  • questions related to patient invoicing;
    • you can find the contact details on the invoice you received

 Customer feed​back 


Nursi​​​ng Care Feedback

Dear patient or fami​​​ly member!

Your experiences, opinions and thoughts about our health care work are important to us to develop our operations. You can share them with us by answering an anonymous questionnaire via links below. 

Development ideas 

You may have a good idea to improve our operations. Please record it in the PPSHP idea bank for retrieval and further processing. This way you can participate in implementing solutions that will help our operations move more smoothly and safely. The development ideas submitted will be discussed in the meetings of PPSHP development and innovation activities. 

Development i​dea for​m 


Reporting a patient safety incident

“A patient safety incident refers to an incident endangering the safety of a patient that has caused or could have caused harm to the patient."  

In our hospital we report all safety incidents we observe, in order to make the care we provide safer.  As a patient or relative, you also have the opportunity to report an incident that you notice during examinations / treatment. You can report the incident anonymously, but if you would like to be contacted after the incident has been recorded, please include your contact information on the feedback form. Your incident report will be sent for processing to the unit where the incident occurred. 

Safety incident report form. 


We thank you for participating actively in the development of our activities!