Oulu University Hospital

Oulu University Hospital (OYS) is an innovative, research and development-oriented provider of high-quality healthcare. The special responsibility area of Oulu University Hospital covers the whole of Northern Finland – accounting for more than half of Finland's geographical area and home to 741,000 people. Municipalities are responsible for arranging primary healthcare for their residents.

Oulu University Hospital offers high-quality specialised healthcare services provided  by top professionals in the field. Patient care is based on the latest research, best practises in treatment, and the use of state-of-the-art technology.    

 Emergency services

​Oulu University Hospital Emergency Department is open 24/7. Call the health guidance helpline always before leaving for the Emergency Department. Your call is answered by a registered nurse who will assess your injury or symptoms and determine whether your condition requires emergency care at the Emergency Department. The nurse is able to give you also the necessary guidance and instructions.  

Health information and guidance 116 117 

In Case of Emergency 112

 High-quality research and training

​​Oulu University Hospital conducts high-quality clinical research, acknowledged both nationally and internationally, and educates future top healthcare professionals. 

Research and development work ensures that patients receive high-quality and safe care in line with the latest medical knowledge and best treatment practices.  

Research strengths include population-level studies, connective and supportive tissue research, cardiovascular research, and research into gene-environment interaction.

Video of Oulu University Hos​​​p​ital



The Childbirth center at the Oulu University Hospital is located on the second floor of the building. Women in labour may arrive to the center from a maternity clinic or straight from home.   

Virtual tour of the labour unit  - see video

Street address: Kajaanintie 50

Entrance, door N