Patient home

​​​​​​​​​The patient home is primarily intended for patients visiting the hospital for treatment and examinations. Subject to availability, places can also be reserved for the patient's family members (max. 4 persons/patient).  

The overnight fee for the patient home is confirmed annually in the service price list. Kela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland) reimburses part of the overnight fee for patients entitled to reimbursement. You should claim the Kela reimbursement yourself, enclosing proof of payment and your medical certificate. The overnight fee includes bed linen.

Payment can be made with a debit or credit card at the information point (N lobby), or an invoice can be provided.


Patient home flats

Building A: 

  • Visiting address: Sairaalanrinne 4 A, FI-90220 OULU
  • located in the residential hotel area, with 32 beds
  • the flats have two rooms
  • there are no telephones in the flats

Building G:

  1. Visiting address: Sairaalanrinne 4 G, staircase F, FI-90220 OULU
  2. located in the residential hotel area, with 30 beds
  3. the flats have three rooms
  4. there are no telephones in the flats

The distance from the patient homes to the hospital is 300–600 metres. There are several bus connections from the city centre, the railway station and central bus station. For further details on bus routes and timetables, see the information boards and the Internet.  

The patient home fee does not include meals. Meals are available from the hospital restaurants (Kotka, Lokki, Kielo) or cafeterias (Neilikka, Soilikki, Lokki, Kielo). 

In patient homes, you can cook in the communal kitchens. The kitchens are equipped with a stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, dishes and cooking equipment. Some also have a freezer.  

Smoking and drinking alcohol is prohibited. No pets are allowed in the patient home. 


Room reservations are normally made with the patient home nurse.
Tel. +358 8 315 3220   Mon–Thu 8 a.m.–3.30 p.m., Fri  8 a.m.–2 p.m.

On weekends and when the patient home nurse is not available, reservations are made at the information point Tel. +358 8 315 3106   Mon–Fri 7 a.m.–4 p.m.


Keys are picked up from the information point (OYS; ​entrance N), where you will also be given a map for guidance. We cannot provide a personal escort for you.

If you intend to arrive at the patient home at a time when the information point is closed, please state this when making the room reservation. In such cases, the keys and the map will be given to you at the door of the N entrance; please call+358 8 315 8080.

It is not possible to arrive at the patient home without a prior reservation.

The key must be returned on the day of departure by 12 noon.  


When you collect the key at the information point, you will receive a parking permit. Parking and a parking place with a heating post are subject to a fee. The fee for a parking place with a heating post is charged according to usage. You will receive the key for the post from the information point. If you fail to return the heating post key, you will be charged a separate fee.   

If you need to stay at the patient home, please reserve a place immediately after receiving the appointment letter. The patient home is sometimes fully booked. No fee will be charged for a reservation if your treatment plans change and you have to cancel.