Social work

​Social work in health care promotes and supports, by social work procedures, the patient and their family's social capabilities and wellbeing in the event of an illness or injury. Social workers are experts in their line of work as a part of care and rehabilitation of a patient and they cooperate with a multi-professional team and the patient's family and friends.

Medical social work emphasises individual-specific guidance for services required by a patient; the service are coordinated in cooperation with other experts.

Social work services are free of charge.

Health care social workers provide an opportunity to discuss your life situation and changes brought on by your condition but they also can give advice and guidance.

The tasks health care social workers do include the following:

  • assessment of the social situation
  • support for social capabilities
  • cooperation, coordination and networking
  • expert and educator in initial information and adaptation courses
  • tele-counselling

Social work is supervised by Senior Social Worker, tel. 040 5546546. A social worker has been designated for each clinic and ward in the hospital and can be contacted on weekdays during office hours. The patent, his or her family and friends or the care personnel can contact the social worker. Contact details are in wards and clinics but also can be found in the link below: