​Visits and contact by family members is important to patients. Due to the procedure and care requirements in some of our units, otherwise free visiting hours may be limited. Information about visiting hours is entered in the respective unit webpage or you can call and ask the unit.

Please note, for safety reasons, no visitors allowed in the hospital premises between 7 p.m. – 7 a.m. unless otherwise specially arranged with the ward personnel.

Visitors are politely asked to note the following:

  • only one or two visitors at a time per a patient
  • no visiting on the day of surgery
  • outdoors clothes should be left in a locker at the entrance to the ward
  • car parking in the designated areas, only
  • keep hospital entrances clear for patient transport
  • before bringing in flowers or food, always ask ward personnel as flowers may cause an allergic reaction or the patient may have special dietary requirements.
  • visitors with an infectious disease should not call on a patient in a ward.


Patient information is given only on the patient's permission. If the patient is unable to grant such a permission due to his or her condition, information regarding the patient is given only to the person(s) entered in the patient file or as per the patient's agreement. Hospital personnel wishes family and friends determine between themselves who calls the ward and enquires about the patient, discharge procedure etc.

If the family does not know in which ward the patient is, please call the hospital telephone exchange (please see Oulu University Hospital contact details or, Oulaskangas Hospital details respectively).