At hospital

General principles

At the hospital we check your identity several times at various points of operation by asking your name and personal identification code. If necessary, your identity may be checked also by your identity card or an identity wristband put on you. Every caregiver has the duty to check your identity. This is for your protection.

Also medical and nursing students  may participate in your care in our hospitals.

If you would like to see a special worker, for instance a social worker, patient ombudsperson or chaplain, our personnel will arrange a meeting.

Mobile phones and other mobile devices

Mobile phones may be used in most areas in the hospital. OYS provides a wireless network for patients and visitors to access Internet with their mobile devices. However, for safety reasons the use of mobile devices is not allowed in some areas in the hospital. During test and examination procedures and consultations mobiles should be set on silent. When using your mobile in a ward, please, consider also other patients. If you a staying in a ward, you can have also a private line. Each ward and unit has also a direct number.

Smoke-free hospital

All our hospitals are smoke-free. Smoking is a risk for surgery and slows down recovery from the operation. Hospital cafeterias do not sell tobacco products and smoking is allowed only in designated areas outdoors. Patients can have nicotine replacement therapy while hospitalised. Possession and use of alcohol and other intoxicants is prohibited.

Cash dispenser

A cash dispenser is available in the entrance N to Oulu University Hospital. The nearest parcel point is at the S-Market in Aapistie 2. The hospital has post boxes in front of entrances Lc, La, K and N. You can buy stamps in the entrance N cafeteria.

Items left in the hospital will be taken to the information desk (tel. +358 8 315 3106) at entrance to N and then forwarded to the lost property office, Pohjois-Pohjanmaan Löytötavarapalvelut Oy.


In our hospitals inpatients mostly have their meals in the ward. However, if you feel fit, you can go and have your meal in one of the restaurants: Kotka or Lokki. Staff will forward your dietary requirements to the meal services personnel.

Patient home clients and outpatient clients can have a meal at their own expense in Cafeteria Kotka (entrance N, R floor). You will find signs to the cafeteria in corridors.

Photographing in hospitals

Please, remember that taking photos of other patients or our employees without their permission is not allowed anywhere in our hospitals.