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Coronavirus COVID-19

​On this page, you will find a compilation of the latest updates and instructions on the coronavirus infection (COVID-19) within the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District. 

The website provides information on the regional situation in the coronavirus epidemic and the latest recommendations and restrictions.  


Getting tested for coronavirus

Testing for coronavirus is, as a rule, provided by your own municipality of residence. If you reside in Northern Ostrobothnia and no appointments for testing are available in your own municipality, you can book an appointment with Oulu University Hospital (OYS) or, in the weekends, with the Limingantulli testing site (Oulu).

Instructions in different languages on how to get tested can be found on the website.

If you need medical care or an assessment of the need for treatment, call 116117. You will then receive instructions on how to proceed. If necessary, you will be invited to visit a Coronavirus Health Care Hub or a testing site.

In emergency cases, call the emergency number 112.


Arriving at hospital for examination or treatment, or to visit a patient

You may arrive for a check-up and an appointment on the agreed date and time.

If you have any symptoms of a respiratory infection, you should contact your nursing unit to reschedule your appointment. You'll find the telephone number in the confirmation of appointment previously sent to you. You can also check the details of your appointment through this page.

See specific instructions in the following cases: you have travelled outside Finland; you have received an alert through the “Koronavilkku" contact tracing app; or you have been in quarantine (isolation) before the appointment for examination or treatment.


Visiting the hospitals

Instructions for visitors:

  • you must book your visit in advance with the ward concerned 
  • you can check the possible visiting hours with the unit in question
  • to be allowed to visit, you may not present any symptoms of a respiratory infection 
  • daily visits are limited to 2 visitors per patient
  • short visits (maximum 30 minutes) are recommended
  • in shared patient rooms, no more than 2 visitors are allowed at the same time 
  • all visitors must wear a surgical mask (covering mouth and nose)
  • all visitors must use a hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the hospital, the ward and the patient room
  • all visitors must keep a safe distance of 2 metres from other patients and hospital staff 
  • there is no access to the day rooms of the ward during the pandemic

When using a mask, be careful with hygiene and always wash your hands before touching it.

Please do not unnecessarily move around in the hospital during your visit.


Using masks at our hospitals

Face masks provide one means of preventing the spread of coronavirus infections. It is still of primary importance that you maintain 2-metre safe distances whenever possible, wash your hands, cough into your sleeve or a disposable tissue, and avoid touching your face.

Wearing a mask is recommended indoors and on public transport when 

  • going to test or treatment for suspected covid-19 infection.
  • you have symptoms of a respiratory infection or you know you have been exposed to the covid-19 infection but you need to move outside the home.
  • in social and healthcare facilities the mask is still used when in close contact with clients and patients.​

Further information

Read more on the THL website: