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Suggest a Topic service

The Suggest a Topic  service allows you to submit a proposal for drafting clinical guidelines, care provision guidelines or healthcare method assessment. The service aims at simplifying and facilitating the submission of topic proposals. The following parties cooperate to provide the service:

Whom is the service intended for?

Hospital districts, specialist medical associations, health care professionals, policy makers and citizens can suggest new topics.

What kind of topics can be proposed?

You can suggest treatments, equipment, medication, procedures, preventive measures and administrative support systems for assessment. On the Aihe-ehdotukset page you can check if the topic has been suggested previously.

How will a suggestion move forward?

  1. Submit your suggestion with the Suggest a topic form. You can choose a form in Finnish, Swedish or English.
  2. FinCCHTA will forward your suggestion and inform you about the recipient of your suggestion.
  3. Each organisation will process the suggestions it receives independently.
    1. If your suggestion is accepted, the organisation making the recommendation or assessment will contact you and will continue to handle the matter according to their own processes and schedules. 
    2. If your suggestion is refused, FinCCHTA will notify you about the decision with justifications.​